House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) is resigning due to potential fallout over the debunked Russia dossier now threatening to take down high-level FBI officials as well as the brewing scandal involving former House IT staffer Imran Awan.

Ryan, who was never a fan of Donald Trump, isn’t far removed from the key players involved in the dossier, including GOP super donor Paul Singer, whose web site, the Washington Free Beacon, was reportedly the first to hire dossier maker Fusion GPS to probe Trump’s background.

The FBI may have used the dossier, which claimed Trump had “golden shower” parties with foreign hookers, as “justification” to spy on Trump’s presidential campaign.

Furthermore, as early as Sept. 2016, Ryan knew House computer servers were likely compromised, leading to the theft of $16 million, yet he stayed silent because the revelations would have boosted Trump’s campaign, according to DC insiders who spoke to Infowars.

Awan, who’s still under investigation over his role in the breach, was an IT staffer shared by House Democrats and may have found damning evidence of corruption.

Ryan didn’t discuss the issue publicly until January, two months after the election.

“It’s entirely logical that he would get out ahead of these two stories breaking,” Roger Stone revealed on the Alex Jones Show Thursday. “He’s read the handwriting on the wall – and let’s not forget, he suspended his support for candidate Trump… yet Trump won without him.”

Additionally, unless Ryan is trying to “test the waters,” the news of his resignation was likely a premature leak because he wanted a “tax reform” victory under his belt so he could secure a cushy Wall St. job after leaving DC.

“He has systematically worked to undermine the president… that said, the House’s track record of passing Trump legislation is far, far superior to the Senate, so I don’t think anyone is sorry to see him go,” Stone added.

This could indicate the deep state will try to replace Ryan with someone even more hostile to the Trump agenda.


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