Kurt Nimmo
August 9, 2008

Believe it or not, it appears the Bush administration has a sane policy on Russia — that is when compared to the policies of the selected candidates Obama and McCain, or rather their advisors, their political Svengalis.

Dead man in Gori: the ultimate result of neocon and neolib anti-Russian policies in the Caucasus.  

McCain wants to expel Russia from the G8 and one of his key puppet masters, neocon and former PNAC director Randy Scheunemann, “spent a number of years lobbying on behalf of Georgia and has publicly taken strong pro-Georgia, anti-Russia positions,” according to Think Progress.

In fact, as freelance journalist Lindsay Beyerstein notes, Scheunemann is a registered representative of the government of Georgia in the United States and “has developed a very close relationship with President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili and many senior Georgian officials.” In other words, McCain’s brain is likely all for Georgia’s brutal invasion of South Ossetia and the mass murder of over two thousand civilians so far.

“The government of Georgia has called for a cease-fire and for a resumption of direct talks on South Ossetia with international mediators. The U.S. should immediately convene an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council to call on Russia to reverse course,” declared McCain, that is to say his puppet masters. “The US should immediately work with the EU and the OSCE to put diplomatic pressure on Russia to reverse this perilous course it has chosen. We should immediately call a meeting of the North Atlantic Council to assess Georgia’s security and review measures NATO can take to contribute to stabilizing this very dangerous situation. Finally, the international community needs to establish a truly independent and neutral peacekeeping force in South Ossetia.”

Not a word here about the fact Saakashvili invaded South Ossetia, cynically using the opening of the Olympic Games as cover. Saakashvili “has involved Russia with opening fire at Russian citizens and peacekeepers. Now he is trying to involve other states and international organizations,” Russian Permanent Representative to NATO Dmitry Rogozin told Itar Tass on Friday.

Obama, on the other hand, has Zbigniew Brzezinski leading him around by the nose, the low-level Polish aristocrat whose life has been devoted to hatred of Russia. Recall Brzezinski’s effort to “suck” the Soviet Union into an Afghanistan quagmire. “The 1980 Carter Doctrine — that the US was determined to dominate the Persian Gulf — is at the root of the first Gulf War, of the present Iraq war, and of the possible war on Iran. Brzezinski’s grandiose schemes of world transformation caused a renewal of the Cold War and gave birth to Al-Qaeda, and without Soviet restraint the results could easily have been far more tragic than they turned out to be,” notes Eric Walberg.

In his book, The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives, Brzezinski declared Georgia — and Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia — key to his demented effort to destabilize and take down Russia, a nation with a large number of nuclear weapons at its disposal.

No doubt Brzezinski supports and relishes the mass murder currently underway in South Ossetia and apparently Abkhazia as well. Zbigniew’s son, Ian, is U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and NATO affairs and a backer of NATO expansion into Ukraine and Georgia. “This project means that Americans will be committed to fight and die for a gangster regime in the Caucasus, at the far end of the Black Sea,” writes Webster G. Tarpley.

Thus, be it Obama or McCain, confrontation with Russia will likely be on the agenda. If the comparatively lackluster Bush neocon stance toward Russia and China results in the Russian and Chinese militaries conducting joint military exercise involving large numbers of troops and combat vehicles under the aegis of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, what kind of a response would a McCain or Obama administration elicit?

Paul Craig Roberts put it succinctly when he said a nuclear exchange between the U.S. and Russia “would establish the hegemony of the cockroach.”

It appears both Obama and McCain’s handlers are apparently determined to make cockroaches the rulers of the world.

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