O’Ryan Johnson
June 28, 2013

Accused terrorist brothers Dzhokhar and the slain Tamerlan Tsarnaev were textbook 
examples of the lone wolves that al-Qaeda seeks to inspire, and have to be counted as a victory for the Islamic jihadi movement, security experts said about the detailed evidence trail laid out in Dzhokhar’s 30-count federal 

The 74-page document lists a series of Muslim extremist texts that Dzhokhar, 19, downloaded to his computer, as well as a terrorist’s do-it-yourself bomb-making guide published by the al-Qaeda online magazine “Inspire.”

“They put all this stuff online to inspire people to action,” said John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org, about al-Qaeda’s longstanding strategy of inspiring individuals worldwide to launch attacks of their own. “It makes it difficult to track who is doing what. Whereas if they try to organize something like Sept. 11, they get caught.”

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