After years of wondering what caused Malaysian Airlines flight 370 to divert from its flight path and mysteriously disappear somewhere over the Indian Ocean, experts now believe the airplane’s pilot was on a murder-suicide mission.

“The disappearance of MH370 was a man-made event,” said air crash investigator Larry Vance.

Evidence of that is supported by the fact that entire intact pieces of the plane were recovered, Vance explained to 60 Minutes Australia.

“When Swissair 111 hit the ocean at high speed off Nova Scotia, it exploded due to the hydrodynamic pressure of impacting with the water and came apart into some two million pieces,” Vance wrote in The Australian.

“In the case of MH370, essentially, the ­entire right-wing flaperon was ­recovered… there should have remained little doubt that a pilot was controlling MH370 at the end of its flight.”

Additionally, senior pilot and instructor Simon Hardy noted MH370 had made an odd detour over the Malaysian region of Penang, which happens to be the pilot’s home state.

“The simplicity of the disappearance of MH370 comes down to this: either it was a criminal act or it was not,” writes Vance. “The evidence confirms it was a criminal act, committed by one ­individual who, as a pilot in the airplane, had a simple means to carry it out.”

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