Kurt Nimmo
July 17, 2011

It’s not enough to frighten Americans with personal financial disaster if the massive debt scam is not perpetuated. In order to send the message, the government has decided to stoke up the al-Qaeda threat.

photoLet the bankers crank up the debt even more or this cave dweller and his operatives will get you.

According to counterterrorism experts polled by Homeland Security Today, a possible downgrading of the U.S. credit rating by Moody’s – and the mayhem in financial markets that would result – may inspire al-Qaeda to attack.

“So you can understand why Al Qaeda, or any other terrorist organization motivated by the jihadist ideology, would see that America is highly vulnerable right now – perhaps more than it’s ever been — to an attack or attacks the impact or direct effect [of which] would be further depression of the US’s economy,” a counterterrorism official told the homeland security affairs website.

The credit ratings company Moody’s has renewed its warning that if the United States defaults on its “debt obligations” after the deadline set by the Treasury, it may downgrade its AAA bond rating.

The debt is well over $100 trillion, although the government tells us it is a paltry $14 trillion. Obama, the Federal Reserve, and the bankers want to raise the debt limit from $14.3 to $14.5 trillion so Congress can borrow and spend even more money. Most of the budget is spent on killing people in foreign lands.

Obama threatened the most vulnerable last week. He said the government will stop sending Social Security payments to seniors if Congress does not agree to raise the debt ceiling. He didn’t say missing the deadline would shut down the wars in Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq.

Gary Sasse, director of the Institute for Public Leadership at Bryant University in Rhode Island, told Fox News a downgrade by Moody’s would reach “down to every family in America.”

Fox said the ripple effect from a downgrade would be widespread and potentially severe, impacting everything from local municipalities and the neighborhood bank to home mortgages and student loans.

CNN: It’s your debt, you have to pay it. Stop whining.

But this threat is apparently not enough to scare Americans. Now the government is dragging a threadbare al-Qaeda out of the closet and waving it in our faces.

“Under Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda’s goal had been to find a way to attack us in a way that would hurt us economically – and I mean really hurt us. So if Al Qaeda still wants to slam us economically, now is the time to do it,” said one of the US counterterrorism official. “Certainly a catastrophic, mass casualty attack would have a dramatic impact on the economy, but so, too, would a coordinated small cell attack with automatic weapons at major amusement parks across the country.”

Laura Hains, a retired ranking Customs and Border Protection officer, warned that the scary cave dwelling and turban wearing terrorists may attack one of America’s most cherished institutions. “Can you imagine what would happen if Disney’s amusement parks in Florida were attacked? Florida’s economy would collapse.”

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John Mueller, a political science professor writing for the CFR’s Foreign Affairs, admits “that almost no terrorists exist in the United States and few have the means or the inclination to strike from abroad. But this explanation is rarely offered.”

“If al Qaeda operatives are as determined and inventive as assumed, they should be here by now. If they are not yet here, they must not be trying very hard or must be far less dedicated, diabolical, and competent than the common image would suggest,” he continues.

Mueller has written a book on the subject, entitled “Overblown,” where he argues that the terrorist threat is deliberately exaggerated by politicians and the military-intelligence-industrial complex.

In fact, the terrorist threat is so minimal, the government has gone out of its way on numerous occasions to frame dim-witted patsies and claim it has foiled a number of potentially devastating attacks. The vast majority of the plots are cooked up by the FBI, notes Paul Craig Roberts.

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The Federal Reserve, its minions in control of the Treasury, and the banksters are worried America will reject their debt slavery scam designed to take down the last remaining bastion of liberty – and that is why they are once again pushing a bogus al-Qaeda threat.

Millions of Americans may believe the government’s line that al-Qaeda is indeed a real terrorist organization, but they are growing increasingly tired of the baseless terror warnings of doom that never materialize.

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