The media is flagrantly lying about numerous aspects of the Sandy Hook trial in a further attempt to defame and discredit Alex Jones and Infowars.

Yesterday, numerous media outlets reported that Alex Jones was forcing the Sandy Hook parents to pay his legal fees.

“The founder of Infowars is asking a Texas judge to throw out a defamation suit filed by Pozner’s parents and trying to get the family to pay more than $100,000 for his court costs,” reports NYMag.

This is utterly false.

As Jones explains in the video below, the exact opposite has happened – the fee has been waived.

“Under Texas law where someone sues you for defamation, the law kicks in where attorney’s fees, if they lose, are paid up to $100,000 dollars. We had to finally get to the first hearing to then waive that, something no one ever does, super high road, even though we know big money’s financing these lawsuits against us to shut down the First Amendment,” said Jones.

“I waived that in front of all the media and none of them reported it – in fact they reported the opposite – that’s deception,” he added.

“We waived the attorney’s fees and the media turned that into I’m seeking expenses from the families – that is fraud,” said Jones.

In another example of media manipulation, despite 20 or more journalists being in court, not a single one of them reported the fact that six video clips were played showing Jones affirming that the Sandy Hook shooting did in fact happen and encouraging people not to harass parents of the victims.

While Alex Jones has repeatedly clarified that he does not think Sandy Hook was a “hoax,” the entire court case is a show trial specifically designed to re-define the First Amendment and crush the freedom to question media and government narratives.

At every step of the way, the media is misreporting and spinning the facts about the case in an attempt to manipulate the public into supporting the erosion of their own free speech rights.

As CNN, BuzzFeed and others relentlessly lobby social media platforms to shut down Infowars on a daily basis, the mainstream media simultaneously engages in the most egregious forms of deception to drag our name through the mud.

We will continue to vigorously defend ourselves against politically-motivated attempts to silence us. We will not back down.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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