LIVE: Infowars reporter Joe Biggs touches down in Chicago to investigate the secret domestic torture facility being used to illegally detain, beat and even kill US citizens.

Human Rights Worker Protests ‘Black Sites’:

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Chemtrail Whistleblower Speaks Out Against Police Tyranny:

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Chicago Citizens Speak Out Against ‘Black Sites’:

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Protesters Beat The Drums of Freedom:

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Torture Site Full of Masonic Symbolism:

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A Torture Site From Central Casting:

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The Hidden Truth of America’s Black Site Epidemic Exposed:

As soon as Infowars arrives, they are immediately swarmed by police, told to leave public property and bizarrely threatened by an undercover officer.

Check out the rest of Infowars’ Chicago ‘black site’ coverage below.

Reporters Harassed at Secret Torture Site in Chicago:

Police Caught Issuing Illegal Orders:

Reporters Harassed For Exposing Domestic Torture Site:

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