In a likely attempt to censor ‘Hillary For Prison’ aircraft banners, the FAA is enacting unprecedented 30-mile no-fly zones around both the Republican and Democrat National Conventions.

The “temporary flight restrictions” in Cleveland, Ohio and Philadelphia, Penn. for the duration of the conventions ban all air traffic under an altitude of 18,000 feet MSL within 10 nautical mile radius of each event except for approved law enforcement, ambulance, military and TSA-approved passenger and cargo flights.

Additionally, the airspace between 10 to 30 nautical miles of the events are “limited to aircraft arriving or departing local airfields” and flights “may not loiter,” which indicates the “security perimeters” are also intended to suppress political banners, such as the ‘Hillary For Prison’ banners Infowars planned to fly at both conventions.

The zones would also seemingly ban media helicopters from covering potential riots in both cities.

It is unusual for the FAA to set up no-fly zones around party conventions; the agency did set one up at the 2012 DNC, but that was after officials announced a “suicide pilot” was planning to crash into the event.

So far, there’s been no similar threats made targeting this year’s conventions; the FAA set up the no-fly zones without warning.

Over the past couple of years the FAA has approved no-fly zones that prevented the media from covering the Ferguson, Missouri protests and the Bundy Ranch standoff, which underscores how the agency is likely approving no-fly zones for political reasons.

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