September 15, 2012

Investment analyst and entrepreneur Marc Faber succinctly describes what the Federal Reserve bankster cartel’s quantitative easing is all about – mega-asset bubbles contrived by the elite to increase their illicitly gained wealth and drive the average person into serfdom. QE is designed to work like a wrecking ball on the economy.

Faber recently told CNBC (quote taken from Faber’s blog):

QE helps rich people whose asset prices go up and whose net worth then increases but it doesn’t flow to the man on the street who is faced with higher costs of living with price rises. You just have a small economy that is booming but the majority of the economy is damaged by QE.

The establishment media pretends Bernanke and the Fed are inept and dysfunctional and that’s why there are millions of unemployed and millions more living on the margins, one paycheck away from disaster and homelessness.

It’s just the opposite. The Fed designed the current economic crisis the same way it designed every crisis, recession, boom and bust bump since its inception.

“World collaboration of private financial interests can only mean mass unemployment, slavery, misery, degradation and financial destruction,” Australian Labor Minister Eddie Ward warned as the banksters and the global elite foisted their Bretton Woods scam on the world.

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