Kurt Nimmo
August 28, 2008

Jason Bermas latest film, Fabled Enemies, is unlike his previous film, Loose Change, a collaborative effort with Dylan Avery and Korey Rowe. Loose Change concentrates on various anomalies surrounding the collapse of the WTC and the attack on the Pentagon, the absurdity of alleged hijacker Hani Hanjour piloting American Airlines flight 77, put options placed on the stock of American Airlines, Boeing and United Airlines, and other details widely overlooked or ignored by the corporate media and the official version of events proffered by the government.

We Are Change activist Luke Rudkowski confronts Senator Joe Biden on his relationship to ISI director Mahmood Ahmed, who wired $100,000 to alleged hijacker Mohamed Atta through MI6 asset Saeed Sheikh.  

Bermas’ Fabled Enemies, produced by Alex Jones, takes us beyond these now exhaustively documented surface details and explores the murky and lesser known realm of covert intelligence operations directly and indirectly connected to the events of September 11, 2001. In particular, Fabled Enemies examines the ties of the alleged hijackers to U.S. military installations, to the CIA, the FBI, and Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the ISI. As Bermas notes, the first chairman of the 9/11 commission has stated that further information on these crucial details will remain classified for 20-30 years and none came to light in the final 9/11 commission report, which is in essence a cover-up and whitewash steering all blame for the attacks to the cartoonish Osama bin Laden, the dialysis patient and former CIA asset the government insists directed the attacks from a remote cave in Afghanistan.

“9/11 was an international intelligence operation,” avers Bermas, “that included role players within our own government as well as the governments of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. Each played a compartmentalized role in order to create a climate of fear and confusion.” Fabled Enemies painstakingly delves into known and little known minutiae of this international intelligence operation to provide an overview of what is certainly the largest and most audacious false flag attack in American history.

  Dick Cheney and the bunker government called the shots on September 11, 2001.

This meticulous arrangement and connection of disparate and yet decisive elements — from Israeli art students cheering on the attacks to the US Army intelligence program called Able Danger identifying supposed terrorists Mohamed Atta, Marwan Alshehhi, Khalid Almihdhar, and Nawaf Alhazmi — builds a comprehensive understanding of the underlying mechanics of government directed false flag attacks in the name of sinister foreign and domestic policy objectives.

Documentaries such as Loose Change and a handful of other films provide us with myriad physical details of the attacks while Fabled Enemies offers us equally important and indispensable data on the covert intelligence aspects, details often glossed over and underplayed. As such, Fabled Enemies is required viewing for those who wish to understand the dark and murderous modus operandi behind state sponsored false flag terror and how such operations are employed to instill fear and politically manipulate the public into surrendering their liberty.

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