Although Facebook recently announced its new flagging feature which allows users – including government officials – to suppress posts they disagree with, it’s not the first time the social media giant censored free speech in favor of the government.

One policy Facebook announced at the beginning of the year, for example, allows third parties like the CIA, FBI, NSA etc. to collect information from your computer, phones and other devices you use to connect to Facebook.

Facebook also censored photos of autistic kids who were holding anti-GMO signs.

And the social media site is working with Michael Bloomberg and his gun control groups to eradicate pro-gun discussions on Facebook.

This follows Facebook’s 2012 campaign to purge gun owners who shared pro-Second Amendment and pro-liberty information.

But on the other hand, Facebook doesn’t have a problem with child molesters conspiring on the site.

See a pattern now? Post your comments below!

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