Two Silicon Valley companies will now cover egg-freezing as an incentive for top female talent in their prime fertility years who don’t want to sacrifice motherhood for work.

Apple and Facebook say they’ll shell out out as much as $20,000 for women to put their parenthood plans on ice.

The firms also hope the incentive will help women balance child-rearing and work life. However, even as success rates continue to rise, there are no guarantees the method will lead to conception down the road.

Facebook has already started covering the procedure, which can cost $10,000 or more plus annual storage fees, and Apple’s program begins in January, according to NBC News.

Apple’s plan is covered as part of its fertility benefits while Facebook’s will fall under its surrogacy benefit.

While the move is sure to bring in gifted tech talent eager to have it all, experts warn that freezing eggs is no guarantee of a future family.

Anyone considering egg freezing needs careful counseling about their age and the odds of success if they want to later thaw those eggs for use in in vitro fertilization, the guidelines stress.

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