(Natural News) Just days after being banned and deleted by Facebook, Natural News has now learned that Facebook banned Natural News because of an opinion article that Natural News never posted to Facebook. The article in question — “LGBT progressivism horrors” — warned against children being physically and chemically disfigured by parents pushing an LGBT indoctrination agenda onto their own children.

Facebook now says the existence of this article is the reason Natural News was de-platformed from Facebook. This means Facebook is banning channels for “off-platform” content.

It’s also an admission that Natural News did nothing to violate any community guidelines or terms of service with Facebook. Quite the opposite, in fact: The Natural News social media team followed a strict procedure of self-censorship all through 2019, meaning no articles about LGBT topics were posted to the Natural News channel on Facebook.

Facebook will now monitor your speech “off-platform” and ban you for not worshiping the LGBT indoctrination of children

Facebook’s banning of Natural News for “off-platform” content means the social media platform believes it has the right to monitor the speech of its users no matter where they speak, and if that speech is found to be offensive to Facebook’s censors, the entire channel is wiped out.

No criticism of the chemical castration of children in the name of “progressivism” is allowed. You can’t even cite scientific evidence such as the recent study published in the British Medical Journal that found alarming increases in breast cancer risk for men who take women’s hormones as part of their transgender “therapy.” The increase in breast cancer risk is not trivial. According to researchers, biological men on hormone therapy drugs for transgenderism therapy are more than 46 times more likely to develop breast cancer.

The fact that independent news channels are banned for pointing out the extreme child abuse now being committed in the name of “LGBT-ism” underscores the depths of techno-tyranny now being routinely exercised by cultural Marxists like Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey. Like nearly all Leftists today, these tech company CEOs seem more than happy to see children maimed, disfigured, chemically castrated and morphed into gender-fluid “nullos” as long as their progressive agenda succeeds. Anyone who seeks to protect children from the serial murder of the abortion industry or the systematic child abuse of the LGBT mafia is targeted for termination.

“Progressivism” has become synonymous with horrific child abuse

We are now truly living in a world where “progressivism” is synonymous with horrific child abuse. In a world where politicians once promised there would be “no child left behind,” the sickening mantra of the day has become, “no child left unmolested by the LGBT mafia.”

This is a world where 10 year-old schoolchildren in California are being taught how to perform acts of sodomy with sex toys. This is a world where even younger students in Houston, Texas are indoctrinated with drag queen “storytime” sessions that literally involve convicted pedophiles reading story books to children. The organizers of the event openly admit to “grooming” children into an LGBT lifestyle.

Now, the LGBT mafia is even targeted cognitively impaired children for transgender indoctrination. Down Syndrome and autistic children are now being targeted and indoctrinated into the LGBT cult. This is child abuse at its worst, yet anyone who dares to speak out against the LGBT cultists is censored and de-platformed.

In this twisted, perverted world of LGBTP — with the “P” standing for pedophilia — Netflix now broadcasts Satanic teen orgy sex scenes in its youth programming. The anal cancer epidemic spreading across the gay communities of California is buried by the media to hide the fact that anal intercourse carries extraordinary health risks associated with the spread of blood-borne diseases. The health of gay and lesbian individuals has been scientifically documented to lag far behind the health of straight individuals, yet the tech giants and left-wing media continue to push their LGBT agenda onto everyone, pretending that human beings can be subjected to non-natural hormones, surgical procedures and unnatural sex acts without consequences.

And I haven’t even mentioned the abortion topic yet, since that’s even more sickening with the fact that Leftists across America have now legalized the literal murder of healthy babies after they’ve been born alive. It’s called infanticide, and it’s now legal in New York, where the practice of murdering your own child is labeled, “women’s reproductive health.”

A society that will not stand up for the dignity of a human child will sooner or later face judgement

What’s abundantly clear is that the techno-fascists — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Apple, Wikipedia, etc. — will aggressively de-platform all voices that defend human babies and children against the perversions, mutilations and abuses of the LGBT cult, which now operates as a twisted, evil indoctrination group rooted in pedophilia and child abuse. A society that will not stand up for the rights of infants and children is a society that has lost all connection to not just morality, but humanity.

I fear nothing about being judged by Mark Zuckerberg, who clearly operates in alignment with forces that prey on innocent children. What I fear is the fact that America is about to be judged by God. The runaway child murder, mutilations and abuses that are now being “normalized” in our twisted society are not merely an affront to humanity; they are an affront to God.

What Facebook, Netflix, Google and all the other left-wing content platforms are pushing onto children today is not “progress.” It isn’t “tolerance” and it isn’t “love.” It’s child abuse. It’s a crime against children. And if those who carry out such crimes somehow escape being judged by society during their lifetimes, they will not escape being judged by God.

For myself and Natural News, I would much rather be banned by Facebook and embraced by God than be banned by God and embraced by Mark Zuckerberg.

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