Facebook is demanding Infowars take down a post using the terms “tranny” and “cross dressers,” which underscores how social media is trying to dictate what is “accepted” speech because free expression is a threat to the power elites who control social media.

In an email to Infowars, a Facebook representative claimed that “gender identity” is a “protected characteristic,” despite the fact the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which outlines protected classes, only covers “race, color, religion, sex or national origin.”

“We don’t allow hate speech on Facebook, which means we delete posts that attack people based on protected characteristics like race and gender identity,” she wrote. “Slurs, like the word tranny, are considered hate speech unless they are being used self-referentially.”

Notice how she’s trying to equate “gender identity” with race, as if being skeptical of someone’s self-chosen “gender” is no different than racism.

Here’s the Infowars post in question:

This is a key example of the globalist effort to “normalize” gender as an “identity” rather than a biological reality – and it creates a chilling effect on free speech.

“Political correctness is all about propaganda compliance,” wrote former intelligence analyst Stella Morabito.  “Political correctness is basically a calculated process of molding public opinion through psychological manipulation.”

“The process is twofold: saturation and suppression.”

“…A perfect example is how the transgender lobby has saturated the media and pop culture with its talking points through Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner and incessant Hollywood shilling,” she continued. “Suppression is the PC practice of quashing ideas that compete with the PC message, usually through speech codes, shout-downs, or smears. No matter how implausible an idea may seem, it can gain acceptance in the minds of the citizens as the forces of PC relentlessly repeat and hype the notion in the public square.”

“The twin processes of saturation and suppression, if diligently applied, can produce the illusion of a public opinion shift, or a ‘cascade.’”

And that’s what we see in the email: the claim that “gender identity” is now a “protected characteristic” creates this illusion of a public opinion shift, a shift which of course advances the establishment agenda while clamping down on individual thought.

This isn’t meant to smear the transgendered, but by automatically declaring them to be a “protected class” like race, Facebook has effectively shut down debate over whether a man claiming to be a woman should be able to use a restroom next to eight-year-old girls.

It won’t be long before Facebook accuses you of “hate speech” if you don’t refer to the “gender fluid” as “ze” or whatever their preferred pronoun may be.

And will Facebook also consider “Trans-species” a “protected characteristic?” Or what about the “Trans-abled?”

But remember, Facebook is simply using the veil of trans issues to redefine the terms of “accepted” speech.  Once the elites control speech, they control public opinion – and Facebook has over 1.39 billion users, larger than the population of China.

It’s convenient for Facebook officials to use the trans issues to censor social media because it gives them the facade of having the moral high ground, but equality is not the reason for what they’re doing but simply the pretext.

“Why would anyone want to build such a culture of coercion? In a word, power,” Morabito stated. “…Like all such deceptions, its sole purpose is as a vehicle to transfer power from individuals to an increasingly centralized state.”

In this case, a technocratic society in which public opinion is crafted by tech elites who run Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and other “virtual superstates” designed to supplant national identity.

“If one can isolate the mass, allow no free thinking, no free exchange, no outside correction and can hypnotize the group daily with noises, with press and radio and television, with fear and pseudo-enthusiasms, any delusion can be instilled,” wrote Dutch psychologist Joost Meerloo in his cleverly titled book The Rape of the Mind. “People will begin to accept the most primitive and inappropriate acts.”

And, by implication, Facebook’s policy is implying that President Trump is no different than a racist because he decided, after consulting with the military, to ban trannies because of the time, costs and efforts to accommodate them, which has little to do with the military’s primary task of national defense.

But as previously mentioned, the globalists aren’t pushing the debate because they care about transgender issues.  It’s simply another movement for them to puppeteer while attacking rival viewpoints to the globalist model which can’t compete with the free market of ideas.

“Mass delusion is an important tool of oppressors because they can’t survive free expression,” Morabito added. “That’s why the First Amendment’s a target.”

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