Huffington Post
September 6, 2013

After six privacy groups raised concerns about proposed revisions to Facebook’s privacy policy, the world’s largest social network said it would hold off on implementing the controversial changes until next week.

“We are taking the time to ensure that people’s comments are reviewed and taken into consideration to determine whether further updates are necessary and we expect to finalize the process in the coming week,” a Facebook spokesperson told The Huffington Post by email.

Facebook wants to make sure it is not violating an agreement struck two years ago with a federal agency after getting caught using people’s faces and names on the site’s “Sponsored Stories” feed without permission. The updated policy clarifies that Facebook users automatically consent to having their likenesses used by Facebook — unless members say otherwise. It’s not much different from the old privacy policy, which said members could control how their names and personal data were used in ads on the site.

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