Facebook said it has boosted its advertising spending to increase its reputation amid privacy controversies, censorship of conservatives and alternative voices, and antitrust investigations according to a report released Friday.

Antonio Lucio, Facebook’s marketing chief, said that it could more than double the social media giant’s advertising spending and include more advertising agencies to advertise for WhatsApp and Instagram. Facebook reportedly spent $382 million on ads in the last year, which is up $50 million from 2017.

Facebook is now openly admitting to monitoring the population in order to track and identify “hate agents”. Alex has exposed this Big Brother agenda for years and reveals the endgame of this attack on personal privacy.

Lucio said that the organization’s reputation has lost muster amid concerns of election interference and “fake news” on the platforms, as well as widespread criticism of its privacy and data management.

“There’s no question we made mistakes, and we’re in the process of addressing them one after the other, but we have to tell that story to the world on the trust side as well as on the value side,” Lucio said.

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