Facebook has been prioritizing video and challenging Google-owned YouTube as a video hosting site and creators’ haven, but some video bloggers are not succumbing to the massive social network. Hank Green, a longtime YouTube star whose VlogBrothers channel boasts 2.6 million subscribers, charged Facebook with “cheating, lies and theft” within its sales pitch.

Green, in a blog post published on Medium Monday, claimed that Facebook is inflating the numbers it uses to describe the views and reach videos receive on the site. For example, Facebook counts a video as viewed after three seconds while YouTube waits until 30 seconds, Green notes. That means a Facebook video could be considered watched by a user even when someone is passively scrolling without the sound on.

Facebook has been boasting that the site receives 4 billion video views each day, as CEO Mark Zuckerberg reported in the company’s second-quarter earnings last week. That number is up from 3 billion views in April. Facebook’s statistics have been compared to YouTube, which claims “billions of views” by 1 billion users each day, and Snapchat recently reported more than 3 billion, as each network battles for the attention of users, original content from creators and the budgets of advertisers and brands.

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