Facebook said on Monday that a bug is to blame for its failure to effectively delete users’ videos that weren’t intended to be posted to the site, according to a report from New York Magazine.

New York Magazine revealed last week that archives of user information downloaded from Facebook contained drafts of videos that were recorded but never posted or published by the user, raising questions about the company’s practices.

The so-called bug was discovered by users who made use of Facebook’s new tool called “Access Your Information.” The tool was designed to allow users to view, download and delete every post, comment, reaction and search they made while using Facebook. Digging through the downloaded cache of data also revealed that Facebook saved unpublished videos associated with the user.

The revelation that unpublished video files remained within Facebook’s wealth of user data is another setback for the social media giant amid growing calls for more stringent privacy policies. Instead, the video recording remained and continued to be associated with the user’s account even though it never publicly appeared on Facebook.

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