Social media giant Facebook has announced the site will prompt users if they attempt to share news articles disputed by third parties, the latest in an array of efforts to stifle independent media.

In an announcement Thursday, Facebook said it would aid the spread of “hoaxes and fake news” by partnering with media organizations and fact-checkers, including Snopes, ABC News, The Washington Post and The Poynter Institute.

In Facebook’s own words:

“If the fact checking organizations identify a story as fake, it will get flagged as disputed and there will be a link to the corresponding article explaining why. Stories that have been disputed may also appear lower in News Feed.”

The site explains: “Once a story is flagged, it can’t be made into an ad and promoted, either.”


If a story is proven fake, users will be shown a prompt that says, “Disputed by 3rd parties,” when they attempt to share the article.


Facebook claims it will focus on “the worst of the worst, on the clear hoaxes spread by spammers for their own gain, and on engaging both our community and third party organizations.”

CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a post Thursday said the new steps would help “build a more informed community and fight misinformation.”

As noted by Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson, Facebook’s appointment of establishment media organizations as their foremost authorities on fake news is puzzling given a majority of Americans do not trust the mainstream media.

And of course the organizations chosen to sort fake from real news aren’t infallible either. Just last week The Washington Post, one of Facebook’s new fact checkers, had to retract a story claiming various media outfits were working with the Russians to push Kremlin propaganda.

Additionally, The Poynter Institute’s fact checking project, launched last year, was revealed to have been funded by grants from organizations with close ties to the Obama White House, guaranteeing bias will be prevalent in the censorship of so-called fake news.

While Facebook claims it’s protecting users from the scourge of fake news, it’s more likely the company will employ the new feature to blacklist information which runs contrary to mainstream media narratives.

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Also, hear Jones’ comments on Facebook’s Chinese-style censorship:

And be sure to read Infowars editor Paul Joseph Watson’s story on why Snopes is essentially a Democrat mouthpiece, featured below:

Facebook Empowers Far-Left Group to Bury “Fake News”

Snopes political “fact checker” is a mouthpiece for Hillary Clinton & the Democrats

Paul Joseph Watson
December 15, 2016

Facebook has announced it will empower Snopes, an organization with a clear left-wing bias, to bury so-called “fake news” on its news feed, a move that clearly opens the door for the outright censorship of conservative content and opinion.

“To combat fake news, Facebook has partnered with a shortlist of media organizations, including Snopes and ABC News, that are part of an international fact-checking network lead by Poynter, a nonprofit school for journalism located in St. Petersburg, Florida,” reports Business Insider.

This network will identify stories it deems to be “fake news” and then flag the URL, ensuring the story is buried in users’ news feeds and seen by significantly less people.

One of the organizations on the list tasked with burying “fake news” is Snopes, which represents a clear conflict of interest given that Snopes is clearly not impartial.

As the Daily Caller reported, Kim Lacapria, Snopes’ main political “fact checker,” describes herself as “openly left-leaning” and a liberal. She has previously equated Tea Party conservatives with jihadists

Lacapria “regularly plays defense for her fellow liberals,” according to Peter Hasson, and has betrayed her partisan bias on numerous occasions by defending Hillary Clinton and claiming that Orlando nightclub terrorist Omar Mateen wasn’t a Democrat when he was actually a registered Democrat.

Lacapria even denied that Facebook’s burying of trending news topics was an issue after Facebook employees admitted it was happening and Facebook subsequently vowed to change the policy.

Does this sound like someone who is impartial? Or does it sound like someone who, given the power to do so, will exercise bias by burying conservative opinion as “fake news” even when such content is perfectly legitimate?

Snopes itself is run by a left-wing couple based out of California. These are the people who will be deciding what’s “fake news” and what isn’t.

The list also includes the Washington Post Fact Checker, an inclusion that will also raise concerns given that only last week the Post had to admit that it couldn’t “vouch for the validity” of a Russian propaganda blacklist that a story published by the newspaper was entirely based on.

The Post was subsequently savaged by Glenn Greenwald for promoting a “McCarthyite blacklist”.

Another name on the list of organizations that will police “fake news” for Facebook is ABC News, an outlet that still employs Brian Williams even after he spread the fake news that he was under RPG fire while helicoptering in Iraq.

Facebook has basically empowered a bunch of highly partisan left-wing mainstream media outlets to bury “fake news”.

Given that the mainstream media is distrusted by around two thirds of Americans, an image blackened further by Wikileaks revelations about innumerable journalists being in bed with the Clinton campaign, how can an institution with such low levels of trust be handed the power to flag and bury so-called “fake news” without abusing it?


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