Facebook said it will drop the “trending news” section from its site because Facebook claims it “isn’t useful.”

The section, which highlighted hot news including the time Matt Drudge visited Infowars, had existed on the site for over four years.

Facebook said it was killing the section because it “accounted for less than 1.5% of licks to news publishers on average,” which is expected given how much the site force-fed mainstream news to apathetic users.

The site was also accused of gaming the section so that some of the “trending news” wasn’t actually that trending, but it was what the powers-that-be wanted you to see.

“People tell us they want to stay informed about what is happening around them,” Facebook claimed in a press release. “We are committed to ensuring the news that people see on Facebook is high quality, and we’re investing in ways to better draw attention to breaking news when it matters most.”

Translating that from corporate jargon, Facebook and establishment publishers want more control over what news and information is presented to users, with an obvious preference given to establishment media.

Facebook likely wants its user experience similar to that of an airport where CNN is broadcast 24/7 to uninterested passengers.

“No matter how hard they tried, they were not able to change the automatic news trending algorithms to filter out alternative media outlets bypassing the mainstream media’s propaganda, thus they have decided to scrap the feature altogether,” said one Facebook user in response.

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