Lisa Respers France
May 8, 2009

Part of the power of social networking is the ability to form communities with like-minded individuals.

[efoods]But what happens when those communities are offensive to others?

That issue is at the heart of attempts by a Dallas, Texas, attorney to have social-networking site Facebook remove pages for Holocaust deniers.

The Holocaust Denial movement seeks to deny or minimize the Holocaust, in which Nazis killed about six million European Jews during World War II.

Attorney Brian Cuban, brother of Dallas Mavericks team owner Mark Cuban, has been trying since last year to have the pages of groups with such names as “Holocaust: A Series of Lies,” and “Holocaust is a Holohoax” removed from Facebook.

He pointed out that Facebook has removed groups based on complaints before and said the site is “setting the subjective standard on what they remove and what they don’t.”

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