Able to distinguish a person’s face even if 60 percent obscured

Adan Salazar
March 11, 2014

A company has developed glasses that will give users not only an interactive, virtual 3-D display, but also the ability to spot individual faces among a crowd of people, something the company says will aid police in predicting and thwarting “future” crimes.

Capitalizing on the popularity of Apple’s soon-to-be-released techie eyewear, Atheer Labs has created a set of eyeglasses that give users “immersive 3-D,” surrounding them “with information wherever [they] turn and look..”

Similar to Google Glass, the Atheer One, as the glasses are dubbed, connects to the web, streams videos, and can act as a virtual calendar and organizer.

But in a recent interview with CBS Miami, the company’s founder, Allen Yang, touted the glasses as a new crime fighting tool that will give police eerie Minority Report-like future crime awareness.

“In the optimal scenario, [police] can actually get an alert when they’re patrolling on the streets and they can prevent something from happening before even the event happens,” Yang said.

And there’s no solace for people wishing to opt out of a face scan. Unlike other facial recognition software, Yang says the Atheer One’s technology will be so advanced it’ll be able to produce an image of a person’s face even when the face is distorted or only 60 percent visible.

While being immersed in a virtual 3-D world may sound like fun to some, Atheer One is yet another attempt by the tech industry to make Big Brother seem trendy.

Consumers eager to get their hands on the latest gadget will obliviously pay for their personal habits and surroundings to be monitored and logged, while workers on the product’s tech side will likely be granted uncensored, unfettered, behind-closed-doors access within people’s homes.

One look at Atheer’s board of directors should be enough to give any interested parties cause for concern. Nooshoon Hashemi, one of the company’s primary board members and a former VP of the Oracle Corp. – a tech industry giant whose CEO applauds the NSA’s efforts – is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

“The admitted goal of the CFR is to abolish the Constitution and replace our once independent Republic with a World Government,” Gary Allen wrote of the globalist think tank in his timeless classic None Dare Call It Conspiracy, and Sen. Ted Cruz has called the organization “a pernicious nest of snakes” that is “working to undermine our sovereignty.”

The glasses are set to go on sale next month. A standalone pair will cost around $850, while a model that connects to the Internet through Android devices runs at $350.

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