Kurt Nimmo
May 13, 2008

Is it possible Michael Moore will attempt to cash in on the success of Loose Change, the most downloaded film in internet history?

According to Festival Central, Moore is working on a Fahrenheit 9/11 sequel, although the site, associated with Variety, does not go into detail about Moore’s new project. “Michael Moore is making a sequel to ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ for Paramount Vantage and Overture Films, who will shop the project to international buyers when the Cannes Film Festival and market get under way today,” write Pamela McClintock and Anne Thompson.

It does not seem likely Moore will rehash his last project, basically a partisan Democrat indictment of the Bush administration and the Saudis. He can go one of two ways — he can support the official fairy tale version or venture into 9/11 truth territory. The former is not likely, as Moore is on record as saying he does not “think the official investigations have told us the complete truth — they haven’t even told us half the truth.” He has also brought up the fact that fire fighters have told him “over the years and since Fahrenheit 9/11 that they heard these explosions — that they believe there’s MUCH more to the story than we’ve been told.” For more on this, see Aaron Dykes, Michael Moore: 9/11 Could Be Inside Job.

However, at the risk of coming off as cynical, it should be noted that by the time Moore’s new 9/11 film appears next year, a Democrat will probably be in the White House. Some have speculated that the Democrats will attempt to defuse the growing 9/11 truth movement by conducting yet another investigation, this time affixing blame for the attacks, even producing a LIHOP version for mass consumption. It remains to be seen if the Democrats will venture into such turbulent waters, as the announcement of another investigation will certainly produce demands for independence and impartiality, thus making it difficult for the government to control the outcome.

On the other hand, if we are to believe Moore (see the We Are Change video above), he may cover important topics in his sequel, including the fact the government has not released numerous surveillance videos in their possession of the Pentagon attack and also the impossibility of a cave dwelling terrorist flying a large plane into the Pentagon at 500 plus miles per hour. It is curious, though, that Moore concentrates on the Pentagon at the expense of the WTC and in particular Building 7, as Building 7 is the most transparent example of an inside job.

Moore’s desire to produce a Fahrenheit 9/11 sequel may also have something to do with the fact his last film, Sicko, bombed at the box office. No doubt Moore realizes 9/11 truth, despite the corporate media’s orchestrated attempt to destroy it, is a hands down winner. Michael Moore may have learned the lesson provided by the various iterations of Loose Change — millions of people want the truth and they will go out of their way to find it. Let’s hope, with Moore’s sequel, they only have to venture to the neighborhood cinema.

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