Alec Baldwin took a shot at Alex Jones and Infowars on Saturday Night Live during an anti-Trump skit meant to propagandize under the guise of “comedy.”

During the opening segment of the NBC show, Baldwin, posing as Trump, said he had credible intel on space aliens invading – not from the FBI or CIA, but from Infowars.

Click here to skip to 3:53 for the Infowars reference.

He also singled out an African-American in the skit, accusing her being an alien in disguise, subconsciously implying that Trump is racist.

Baldwin also played Trump as a cowardly idiot, but even if you hate Trump, you have to admit it took courage – not cowardice – for him to confront the mainstream media, the ruling political dynasties and even the Pope during the campaign.

The skit is part of a straw-man effort to smear Infowars as a fringe website that reports on martians and chupacabras, which is of course patently false to viewers of the site, but SNL is relying on the ignorance of its audience to make that fake connection.

It’s also by extension an attack on Trump.

Infowars is routinely smeared as “fake news” and an “uncredible source” because the powers-that-be don’t want the public to get their information from sources they can’t control – and they’ll make the same claims about anyone who’s not part of the corporate media hegemony.

Thus the SNL skit represents the opposite of reality.

The real threat against humanity is not “space aliens” – it’s the centralization of power by transnational globalists who own the majority of the world’s wealth and resources.

And they maintain control through deception, so it isn’t surprising then that over 90% of major media conglomerates – including NBC – were bought out by only six corporations owned by these very globalists.

Corporate mass media – and by extension the entertainment industry – serves the establishment’s agenda not by telling the truth, but by distorting public opinion to accept the viewpoints of the elite, even if they’re not in the public’s best interest.

And it’s also no surprise how SNL keeps producing Trump skits ad nauseum despite viewer fatigue; the real purpose of the skits are not to entertain but rather to propagandize.

“A poll conducted by Morning Consult reveals that more SNL viewers want the long-running NBC show to move on from lampooning Trump than want the sketch comedy show to keep “ribbing” the president,” Breitbart reported. “While 33 percent of respondents say they ‘would like to see more’ Trump skits on SNL, 19 percent say they ‘enjoyed’ the jokes but ‘would like SNL to focus on something else.’

“Another 16 percent say they have ‘not enjoyed the impersonations of the members of President Trump’s administration.’”

That’s why the skits themselves are getting more bizarre; they’re not mimicking reality but rather creating a bizarro, false one in which Hillary Clinton is a uncorrupted, glowing goddess thwarted by Russian hackers who installed a Putin puppet in the White House.

Yet if it wasn’t for Trump, SNL would slide into terminal decline. Mass media needs Trump just as vampires need blood.

Just look at how irrelevant the White House Correspondents’ Dinner became once Trump tweeted he wasn’t going to the event scheduled for April 29.

“Trump’s decision to skip the dinner came in the midst of his escalating feud with many in the media, who he has deemed ‘fake news’ and ‘the enemy of the American people,’” reported Politico. “Washington reporters are not counting on Trump’s reversal, but the upheaval has delayed announcements about how the association plans to cope with the first dinner in 36 years without the commander-in-chief.”

Here’s what happens when you only get your news, entertainment and information from establishment-approved sources:

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