Skeptics are starting to call bulls**t on the incident involving a Muslim teen being arrested for bringing what appeared to be a bomb to school, and ending up being invited to the White House by the President.

Fourteen-year-old Ahmed Mohamed was taken into custody by police earlier in the week after he brought a device to school, that resembled a bunch of wires in a suitcase.

Mohamed was belligerent with officials and school security, and refused to explain what the object was for, only stating that it was a clock.

The incident suddenly blew up, with Islamic groups jumping on the bandwagon, the media pushing the story, and eventually, Barack Obama sending the following tweet out.

A prayer vigil was even held Thursday at MacArthur High School in Irving Texas. Many wondered why such action was being taken despite the boy being quickly let go by police and subsequently asked to hang out by Obama.

It is also being reported that in addition to the prayer vigil and the presidential invitation, Mohamed has reportedly been offered internships and jobs by numerous companies, including Twitter and Facebook.

Many are pointing out that the incident seems a trifle staged to fit the agenda of the groups pushing to publicize it, such as the Muslim lobbying group The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

A little digging has revealed that Mohamed’s father, Mohamed ElHassan Mohamed, is a known activist who has engaged in several stunts to call out what he has perceived to be anti-Islamic activity.

From The New York Daily News:

One of the earliest instances of the standout citizen making national news was in 2011, when he sensationally stood up to an anti-Islamic pastor and defended the Koran as its defense attorney. That mock trial at a Florida church ended with the book’s burning, to ElHassan’s claimed shock. In an interview with the Washington Post at the time, the devoted Muslim said he’d take on Rev. Terry Jones’ challenge because the holy book teaches that Muslims should engage in peaceful dialogue with Christians.

Pamela Geller has also pointed out that in 2011, ElHassan debated Robert Spencer on the question of “Does Islam Respect Human Rights?”

“Clearly, he was trying to score a victory against a famous “Islamophobe” and thus win a name for himself.” Geller writes, adding that “ElHassan has been looking for publicity and chances to fight against “Islamophobia” for a considerable period. Now he has seized it, going so far as to claim his son was “tortured” by school and law enforcement officials.”

In addition, Irving police have admitted that they quickly learned the device the kid brought to school was not a threat, but they still arrested him anyway, knowing full well that the incident would make headlines.

MSNBC host Chris Hayes asked Irving Police Chief Larry Boyd why such a furor was made, and Boyd didn’t really have a good explanation.

“Once it’s determined that this is just a clock or just a piece of electronics, why then the arrest and all of that?” Hayes asked Boyd, noting “That’s very hard for folks to understand.”

“I get that. I understand the concern,” the chief responded. “The officers pretty quickly determined that they weren’t investigating an explosive device. What their investigation centered around is the law violation of bringing a device into a facility like that that is intended to create a level of alarm. In other words, a hoax bomb — something that is not really a bomb, but is designed and presented in a way that it creates people to be afraid.”

At the very least this situation was quickly seized on by special interest groups and the White House to push their agendas, and at worst it seems it was a complete setup.

What do you think?


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham, and a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University.

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