CNN, which has come under enormous scrutiny for its lack of editorial standards over the course of the 2016 presidential election, fell for a series of so-called “fake news” reports that hammered its own network on Friday.

Late Thursday evening on Thanksgiving, a Twitter user in the Boston area reported that CNN was airing hardcore pornography for 30 minutes through local provider RCN. The original report on those Tweets surfaced in The Independent, a leading left-of-center newspaper based in the United Kingdom. From there, the story spread like wildfire to many other media outlets including Variety magazine, the U.K. Daily Mail, the New York PostEsquire magazine and Mashable, among others.

Throughout all of this, the Breitbart News Network team was aggressively researching television video capturing services like TV Eyes and Critical Mention, among others, and scouring social media looking for evidence. We reached out to CNN, asking at least two different spokespersons for comment on the matter and even asking the producer for resident media critic Brian Stelter’s program Reliable Sources for comment.

Breitbart News sent CNN spokeswoman Emily Kuhn a link to the Independent’s original post, asking: “Any comment on why CNN was airing this in Boston? Will anyone be held accountable?”

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