CNN will boycott this year’s White House Christmas party for the media, according to reports.

“CNN will not be attending this year’s White House Christmas party,” a CNN spokesperson told Politico on Tuesday. “In light of the President’s continued attacks on freedom of the press and CNN, we do not feel it is appropriate to celebrate with him as his invited guests.

“We will send a White House reporting team to the event and report on it if news warrants.”

The annual event will take place this Friday at 2pm.

CNN has been particularly sore at President Trump lately after he recently tweeted the American people should have a Fake News contest to see which network is “the most dishonest, corrupt, and/or distorted in its political coverage of your favorite President (me).”

Trump also called out CNN’s international branch last week, accusing them of misrepresenting the U.S. to the rest of the world.

White House Press Secretary Sarah H. Sanders expressed her joy over the announcement on Twitter, saying “Christmas comes early!”

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