Mainstream news outlets are already contradicting their own reports that ISIS has claimed responsibility for yesterday’s terrorist attack in Berlin, where at least 12 people were killed, and over 50 were injured.

“ISIS has claimed responsibility for the deadly Christmas market truck crash in Berlin,” stated the New York Post on Monday. “The Iraqi Popular Mobilization Force tweeted that the terror group was taking credit for the incident, which left at least 12 people dead and more than 50 injured at major public market Monday.”

The Washington Times corroborated the Post, asserting, “Suspect arrested, dead man found in cabin as ISIS takes credit for the attack.”

These revelations were voided hours later, with outlets such as Fox and CNN saying no group had yet claimed responsibility.

“Investigators are treating the attack on the market outside Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church that also seriously injured more than 50 as an act of terrorism, though no group has claimed responsibility yet,” asserted Fox News.

“No one has so far claimed responsibility for Monday’s attack,” reported CNN.

The New York Times avoided all references to Islamic terrorism in their initial reporting, instead blaming the truck itself, as they did in the wake of a similar jihadist slaughter in Nice, France, that claimed the lives of 86 innocents and injured over 200 more.



The Times and Washington Post are now acknowledging that an “act of terrorism” was executed in Berlin, and that ISIS has claimed responsibility.

A young Pakistani ‘asylum seeker’ was apprehended as the primary suspect, but officials allege have since released him due to “insufficient evidence,” and believe the responsible parties are likely armed and still on the loose.

ISIS have been openly calling for their operatives to weaponize vehicles as tools of jihad, which is common practice in the Middle East, and fast becoming a regularity in Europe, as well.

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