Taking advantage of the hysteria and outrage surrounding the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris prior to the ongoing drama as the state tracks down the alleged perpetrators, Andrew Parker, director general of the British Security Service, warned Khorasan will soon strike.

“We know, for example, that a group of core al Qaida terrorists in Syria is planning mass casualty attacks against the West,” the MI5 boss told members of the Royal United Services Institute.

“Al Qaida continues to provide a focus for extremists to plot terrorist attacks against the West. British Islamist extremists still travel to South Asia, the Arabian Peninsula and other theaters to try to obtain terrorist training.”

As usual, no credible or specific information about such an attack was provided.

Even more telling is the fact Khorasan does not exist. It was invented by the U.S. government to beef up the al-Qaeda and ISIS terror narrative.

Despite this, we are assured “aviation bomb plots and Mumbai-style shootings in crowded places are thought to be among plans being developed by the shadowy group, which has Europe in its sights.”

In September, the fictional terror group was said to be “actively plotting against a U.S. homeland target and Western targets,” a nameless official told CNN at the time.

“The official said the group posed an ‘imminent’ threat,” while another faceless bureaucrat said “the threat was not imminent in the sense that there were no known targets or attacks expected in the next few weeks.”

Not surprisingly, no terror attack occurred.

Regardless of the confusion and lack of evidence Khorasan actually exists, officials insisted there “were indications that the militants had obtained materials and were working on new improvised explosive devices that would be hard to detect, including common hand-held electronic devices and airplane carry-on items such as toiletries.”

In addition to ramping up the fear quotient as the war on manufactured terror enters a new chapter in France, Parker advertised the alleged success of MI6 and the notorious GCHQ in foiling terror plots. He said the state “cannot be complacent” and provided a forewarning of things to come.

“Although we and our partners try our utmost we know that we cannot hope to stop everything,” he said.

GCHQ: Leviathan of the Globalist Surveillance Apparatus

The GCHQ, short for Government Communications Headquarters, is Britain’s version of the National Security Agency.

The agency is described as an “intelligence superpower.” It shares stolen internet data with the NSA and is not beholden to U.S. law that supposedly checks the behavior of the NSA.

In December it was reported GCHQ turned its attention to “insider” threats within the corporate state.

For the state, information released to the public by whistleblowers and insiders is more threatening than anything purportedly cooked up by a fake terror group in Syria.

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