Press TV
July 27, 2011

The “fake” war on terror, which has been the basis for the ideology of racism, is closely related to the policies of the ruling party in the concerned countries, says an author and political analyst.

“The war on terror has been the basis for an ideology of racism, Islamophobia, and a climate of massive repression,” Ralph Schoenman told Press TV in an interview.

The European governments have been feeding fears of Islam through measures such as the banning of face veils on the streets, which aim at appeasing a non-Muslim majority wary about the continent’s rising Muslim population.

The author added that this “climate” is being created by the “fake war on terror and the Islamophobia.”

He referred to the behavior towards the second largest religion in the world as a fascist movement and explained how they are formed.

“These fascist movements don’t come up in a vacuum… they are closely related to the official politics of the ruling parties and governmental bodies in the countries concerned.”

Belgium banned the Islamic face veil, for what authorities claimed security reasons. France, which is house to the Western Europe’s largest Muslim population, has a similar law, and Switzerland has banned new mosque minarets.

In Russia, the wall of a mosque in the town of Berezovsky was defaced overnight with graffiti reading “Russia for Russians!” according to the website

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