At just above $50 per barrel, crude oil is trading at it’s lowest price since April of 2009. Gas prices are down, too, with a gallon in East Texas selling for as low as $1.81.

This drop in prices is affecting people in East Texas that rely on the industry to feed their families. Zach Gugliuzzi was laid off last week. The father of two says it was a tough reality to accept.

“I took pride in her being able to stay at the house,” said Gugliuzzi. “I like being able to support everything and doing my fatherly and husband duties, but now that plug got pulled and I’m just like, I almost feel helpless, you know?”

Gugliuzzi recalls the feelings after being told he no longer had a job.

“I called my wife said ‘I got laid off, I’m coming home’ and she said ‘well, we’ll figure it out’. She went and got a job and we’re making do for now.”

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