On Wednesday, social media exploded with speculation that bombs sent to several high-profile Democrat operatives, including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and George Soros, were staged false flag attacks.

While a suspect has not been named and there is no evidence to support the theories, several Twitter users are certain the bombs, including one mailed to media outlet CNN, are dirty Democrat tricks pulled off to sway public opinion ahead of the midterms.

Searches for the term “false flag” skyrocketed after news of the bombs Wednesday morning, according to Google Trends analytics.

The term “false flag” refers to instances in which an entity stages an attack against themselves in order to blame political adversaries.

Meanwhile, others on Twitter concluded with certainty the attacks were definitely not false flags, but speculated right wing domestic terror or President Trump could be behind the attacks.


On Twitter, President Trump agreed with sentiments expressed by Vice President Mike Pence, who condemned the attacks.

After several social media giants coordinated to de-platform Infowars in August, radio host Alex Jones predicted the banning of his website foreshadowed Democrat false flag attacks that would be pulled off ahead of the midterms, specifically forecasting an attack against CNN.

This is a developing story.

Alex Jones covers this live on the Wednesday, October 24 edition of the Alex Jones Show:

Emergency Alert! Green Light Given For Deep State To Trigger Terror Attacks

Watch Alex Jones Predict The Pipe Bomb Attacks

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