Kris Alingod
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January 18, 2011

The family of a Mexican boy fatally shot last summer by an American border patrol agent is suing the U.S. government for $25 million.

The parents of Sergio Hernandez Guereca have filed a lawsuit seeking $25 million in damages. The 15-year-old boy died on June 7 after he was shot by a border patrol agent during an incident in El Paso.

According to the FBI, agents were trying to prevent a group of Mexicans from crossing the border near the El Paso del Norte Port of Entry on the day of Guereca’s death. One suspected illegal alien was detained when an unidentified agent arrived in a bicycle and detained another suspect on the U.S. side of the border.

The other suspects ran to the Mexican side and began throwing rocks at the agent, who ordered them to stop and later fired his gun in their direction. One of the suspects, Guereca, was fatally shot.

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