The global elite will never have enough control over the Internet to stop populist movements like Brexit, Nigel Farage revealed.

“Well, clearly the Chinese [for example] would like the abolish the Internet effectively,” he told Infowars. “But you know what? Government can try if it wants to, but it will never keep up with the free market and it will never keep up with innovation.”

“Brexit would not have happened without the Internet and the Internet is here to stay.”

In particular, Farage accredited YouTube for the backlash against the EU.

“…In 2008, it was beginning to get big traction,” he stated. “[My speeches] were going out on YouTube, and people were seeing it.”

“There’s now a million people now in the UK signed up for [UKIP] and they’re not going away.”

And, despite media claims to the contrary, Farage said he isn’t disappearing from public life.

“I’m not retiring,” he said. “I’m not going to move into the hills and not be engaged in politics and current affairs.”

“I’m still a member of the European Parliament and I should go there throughout the whole of this [Brexit] process and make speeches there.”

Farage also revealed that President Obama was an unintentional ally in the Brexit victory.

“Frankly, I thought that the way Obama behaved during his visit during the Brexit campaign, he was talking down Britain, he was telling us that we should stay part of an organization where our parliament was overruled, our courts were overruled,” he added. “He was telling us to do things that he wouldn’t for a moment suggest that the American people should do.”

Farage was speaking at a luncheon hosted by Tucker Carlson near the Republican National Convention on Wednesday.

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