Donald Trump’s political best friend in the United Kingdom says Britain’s trade negotiators are unprepared to square off against the White House’s team, and he plans to send his own independent delegation of business leaders to Washington to bypass them.

‘What I was very struck by over the course of this week was the extent to which the U.S. administration has really put some thought and hard work into this,’ Brexit Party chief Nigel Farage told about preliminary trade discussions that developed during Trump’s State Visit to London.

‘They really want to make this work,’ Farage said of the U.S. side. ‘And I’m struck that the British position is is greatly inferior to that.’

In a phone interview on Wednesday, he said he would approach leading British businesses ‘over the next few weeks or months – weeks probably’ to assemble his own trade mission to Washington independent of the UK’s Department for International Trade.

Farage aims ‘to put together a small panel of industrialists, dealmakers, people who’ve been involved in business at a senior level,’ he said, ‘and I intend to request a visit to go and see Bob Lighthizer and to have a conversation.’

‘And if we have to independently, as the Brexit Party, set up a blueprint for what needs to be done, we will.’

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