Brexit architect Nigel Farage praised President Trump’s trade negotiations with the European Union, while also harshly criticizing UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s poor trade tactics with the bloc.

“Trump has achieved more in one day of trade negotiations with the EU than May has in 2 years. If only we had a leader, not an appeaser,” Farage tweeted Wednesday.

President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker handed Trump several trade concessions, including pledges to import more U.S. soybeans, natural gas, and work toward “zero” tariffs and subsidies between the U.S. and EU.

“We had a big day, very big,” Trump said in the Rose Garden Wednesday. “We set out to launch a new phase of close friendship between the United States and the European Union, strong trade relationships where both of us will win.”

“For years, the U.S. has been losing hundreds of billions of dollars in trade with the European Union, and we just want it to be a level playing field for our farmers, for our manufacturers, for everybody and we also want a big beneficiary, frankly, to be the European Union and we think it can be good for everybody and that’s why we are here to discuss.”

May had proposed a poor trade deal likened to a “soft Brexit” with the EU in negotiations earlier this month, and even rejected Trump’s advice on how to “quickly” craft a trade deal that works for both parties.

“I have to say, I do think that this is a total sell out. It comes from a leader who is weak, a leader who does not believe in Brexit,” Farage said last week.

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