European Union elections victor Nigel Farage has hailed the arrival of social media as the agent of change which has facilitated the rise of the Brexit Party, which went from foundation to becoming the joint-largest political party in Europe in just 45 days.

Going from a victory rally in central London where Mr Farage met for photographs with his fellow 28 Brexit Party Members of the European Parliament — an achievement which has seen his newly minted political party become the joint-largest political party in Europarl alongside Angela Merkel’s CDU — Mr Farage hosted a show on Britain’s LBC talk radio.

Addressing the factors which contributed to the sudden and massive rise of the Brexit Party, which polled ahead of even his former party UKIP at the last EU elections despite that party already being 20 years old at the time, Mr Farage pointed to social media as a key driver. As a space where individuals can become curators of their own newsfeeds rather than getting information through the mainstream media gatekeepers as a primary reason for the pace of change, Mr Farage said:

In the modern world, politics can change incredibly quickly. It took the Labour Party 45 years from their birth to becoming a majority government. It took the Brexit Party 45 days from its launch to become the largest party in a national election. How come? Social media.

Unprecedented censorship and fake news narratives are being pushed by the globalists and after the EU election results Alex ask’s what may be in store for the people of Europe. Paul Joseph Watson & Owen Shroyer join Alex to discuss the possible actions taken by the failing EU authoritarians.

Social media, the use of video, has changed absolutely everything. Don’t be surprised if you see further big changes in politics… The two parties who have absolute dominated politics since 1918, Labour and the Conservatives, they are both in real trouble…

Mr Farage also took aim at the media narrative dominating the news-scape after Sunday’s results, which have claimed a victory for pro-remain parties despite the Brexit party — which favours the United Kingdom leaving the European Union as soon as possible — enjoying a decisive victory.

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