In an interview on BBC, Nigel Farage praised President Donald Trump’s decision to temporarily halt the flow of incomers from nations known to be hotbeds of jihad and terrorism.

“Trump was elected to protect America from ISIS terrorists. He is doing exactly that,” wrote Farage in his commentary on the video.

When asked if Farage agreed with the executive action, he replied, “I do, because I think that if you just look at what is happening in France and Germany – if you just look at Mrs. Merkel’s policy on this, which was to allow anybody in, virtually from anywhere, look what it has led to.”

Farage also assessed that Trump is simply carrying out the expressed will of the American people.

“I believe in the concept called ‘democracy’ – a point that has been missed by almost all commentators, especially with the BBC,” he said. “He was elected to get tough. He was elected to say he would do everything in his power to protect America from infiltration by ISIS terrorists.”

“There are seven countries on that list. He is entitled to do this.”

A January poll conducted by Quinnipiac University revealed that 48% percent of voters support “suspending immigration from ‘terror prone’ regions, even if it means turning away refugees from those regions.”

Only 42% opposed the suspension.


Brigitte Gabriel, survivor of the Lebanese Civil War and leading anti-Sharia activist, notes that the mainstream media is pushing the falsehood of a “Muslim ban,” when it is actually a ban on immigrants and visitors from dangerous countries that happen to be predominantly Islamic – whether coincidence, or not.


“There is no ‘Muslim ban.’ There is a ban from countries with high levels of terrorist activity. It’s not our fault those just happen to be almost entirely Islamic…” she wrote.

Dan Bongino, former Secret Service agent and political commentator, has also come forward to debunk the myth of a “Muslim ban” in a video directed at the “manipulative, biased, lying mainstream media.”

“If there was a ‘Muslim ban,’ then why doesn’t the language in the executive order say anything about an actual ban on Muslims?” asked Bongino. “Here’s what the executive order said: It put a temporary restriction on immigration from seven war-torn countries that have a history of a terrorism, where we may have a vetting problem.”

“You’re manipulating the American people because you’re a bunch of BSers. You want them to believe something happened that didn’t happen… This fake outrage campaign is another AstroTurf, far left campaign to make you believe something that is absolutely not true.”

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