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January 19, 2012

UK Independence Party Leader Nigel Farage makes his first speech to newly appointed president of the European parliament Martin Schultz.

Martin who? Germany’s Schulz takes top job at European Parliament

Paul Ames
Global Post
January 17, 2012

BRUSSELS, Belgium – Martin Schulz may not be a household name even in his native Germany, but on Tuesday the Social Democratic politician was elected to one of the highest-profile jobs in the European Union’s institutions.

Members of the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly for Schulz as president of the EU’s elected assembly.

A trade-off between the Socialists and the main center-right faction meant Schulz won 387 of the 699 votes cast, more than the combined total of his two rivals – both British members from the Liberal and Conservative groups.

Known for his no-nonsense and sometimes-abrasive style, Schulz immediately waded into the EU’s two most pressing issues.

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