Matt Kjeldsen
February 9, 2008

I re-watched The Village’ the other night and something struck me this time that had never even occurred to me the first time I viewed it. Alas, I was sleep walking the first time I watched The Village’, I was wide awake the other night.

The village, created by the elders, is literally an island of isolation from modern society. The villagers, reminiscent of the Amish, believe that monsters live on their borders. The monsters, described as farce by William Hurt’s character, serve to herd the villagers and frighten them away from ever contemplating a venture beyond the village borders. The fact that cars, planes, phones, computers, medicine, sex and all of the good, bad and ugly of modern life are only a few miles away, is completely hidden from the humble and utterly deceived people of the village.

What do we the people’ of the American village, fear? Who will protect us from what we fear? Who is telling us what and who to fear? Does the system that tells, we the people’ of the village what to fear, have its own, unseen agenda? Are we being herded? If we venture into the forest of reality that borders the village, will we be butchered by monsters? If the monsters turn out to be squirrels and everything that we’ve been led to believe about the forest and what goes on beyond the forest has been obfuscation, exaggeration and outright lies; what then, do we do about the rulers of the village and what indeed, do we do about the village itself?

And so I ask you my fellow villagers, is the war on terror real? Can our protectors wage war on a tactic? Is there really a world-wide terrorist organization called Al Qaeda? If there really are monsters plotting to terrorize our village, then why haven’t the borders been completely secured and the ports turned over to American security forces? We are told that the shadowy enemy is everywhere and that they hate us for the freedoms we possess. We are told that cells of this dark force live among us and lie in wait. We are told that we must spill a lot of American blood in order to fight this enemy abroad, so we won’t have to fight them over here. We are shown videotapes of Islamo-fascist’, jihadists, who threaten Americans and who call for war. We are presented with the exposures of deadly plots and the arrests of terrorists’, who consequently, disappear without trials, as soon as the media surge resides. But, most importantly, our rights under the Constitution, the freedoms that made us a special village have now been stolen by our leaders for our own protection. This action was sold to us as a necessary response against the monsters who hate us for those very freedoms.

Yes, there are terrorists in the world. Yes, there are people who hate Americans and the West in general. Yes, the government should provide security for the citizens who pay the salaries of every single government employee. However, who is verifying the unseen threat? Who is holding the government accountable for upholding the Constitution? If our government sponsors terrorism, are we not at war with ourselves?

The war on terror is an Orwellian twist of words. It is not a war. It is impossible to declare war against a tactic. Truth be told, the war of terror is a systematic attack on the Constitution and its Bill of Rights, by a group that controls our government and has reached for complete control of America. The truth is the war of terror is a financial bonanza. If you honestly look at the policies of our government, especially since 9/11, you will find nothing close to actions designed to fight the strategy of terrorism. Given that there are monsters in the woods, who are going to attack us, why have the elders of our village curtailed our freedoms instead of securing the perimeter of the village?

Let’s look at what has become of the village of America since the monsters brazenly attacked us September 11, 2001. It is well documented now, that the color-coded terror alert scheme was exactly that, a scheme. The fear color was systematically ratcheted up whenever the administration needed poll numbers, compliance or cover. (5 years of false terror) This, in and of itself, is an outrage.

The terror plots kept coming, but were they real? The administration put out word that they had stopped a plot to fly a plane into a building in Los Angeles. All intelligence agencies said it was not a real threat at all and yet the press ran the story. President Bush, now a year later, just mentioned this non-plot again in his State of the Union Speech. Is intentionally lying to the people an impeachable offense? m_debunked_year_ago.htm 7Olbermann.htm 4 Govt Lies about terror plots in the State of the Union Speech 2007

Remember the scary liquid bomber plot, 14 airplanes would be hijacked and blown up by mixing liquids together? Remember Department of Homeland Security head Michael Chertoff, taking credit for the British police action that ensnared these monsters? There were no passports, no bombs and most importantly, the bombs couldn’t be put together and wouldn’t have worked anyway. The British moved because the US told them too. The plot was a non-starter, but it sure was a great story and they played it over and over. Result: More invasion into our privacy, more security'(replace with control’) and more fear. 06liquidbomb.htm liquid bomber plot crumbles 906_b_terror.htm liquid bomb untenable liquid bombs can’t be done

Remember the Miami terrorists? They were going to fly a plane into the Sears Tower. They lived in a warehouse, had no money, no bombs, no means and it turns out, they weren’t even Moslem, but Christian. They were offered the bombs by a US intelligence agent and then arrested. It made the nightly news all over the country and terrorism experts commented on it. Remember the internet plot to attack stadiums? Two guys messing around, not a plot at all and this was openly admitted by all of the news reporters who ran the story anyway. It goes on and on. I challenge anyone reading this to research some of the terrorist’ plots that we have been programmed with over the past six years. Where are the trials? Where is the evidence? I would also challenge you to look into the 7/7 London bombings and the Madrid bombing as well.

Let’s cut to the chase here. Al Qaeda is not an international terrorist organization. Period. Watch The Power of Nightmares- 61047517&q=the+power+of+nightmares and you will see that our intelligence services named the CIA backed, Afghani fighters Al Qaeda’. Osama’s little rag tag group then began using the name. Al Qaeda, roughly translated, means the base or the database. “Ana raicha Al Qaeda” is arabic colloquial for “I’m going to the toilet”? Can you picture these evil, freedom haters sitting around trying to come up with a fierce name? Yes, that’s it, we’ll call ourselves, I have to go take a crap. It will give us respect and people will fear us all over the world’.

OK. So, the BBC knows there is no international terrorist organization called Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda is a farce created by our intelligence as a boogey man, a monster to be feared. We needed an enemy after the Soviet Union fell. If the BBC knows, then Tony Blair knows. If Tony Blair knows, then George Bush knows. If George Bush knows, then the NSA knows, the CIA certainly knows and the Department of Homeland Security, created to protect us from this false group, well, they sure as hell know too. If our intelligence agencies know, all of the president’s advisors know, and subsequently, this includes his military advisors, then the Congress knows through its oversight committees and certainly through word of mouth to other members. If the Congress knows and through channels that leak to the press and of course, because the CIA is completely ensconced in the media, we can assume that, the five companies who own’ the people’s airwaves and filter all information, well, they know too. If Brian Williams knows, then he knows when he is interviewing an expert’ on terrorism (ie. someone from a state intelligence agency who is currently making money by providing or talking about security’ from terrorism), that the expert’ knows as well. Wow, it would appear that conspiracies do exist. It would appear that they can involve a large group of people, all pretending to care about America and the welfare of American citizens and yet, they are all lying to we the people’.

Alright, so let’s go down just a little deeper into the rabbit hole. Immediately after the attacks of 9/11, our intelligence agencies released the names of the 19 alleged hijackers and claimed they were part of Al Qaeda. The lap dog press showed us the same picture of the dark, freedom haters over and over again and then they briefly showed us the famous Bin Laden confession video. Funny thing about the 19 suspects; none were on any of the passenger listsfact. Funny thing about the Bin Laden tape; it’s a proven fake (different nose, different build, right handed and wearing a gold ring, contrary to Islamic law). The FBI refuses to authenticate this video.
The FBI also does not list Bin Laden as being wanted for the 9/11 attacks. Fact . s.htm front page fbi most wanted tm fbi 10 most wanted osama’s on therebut not for 9/11 In point of fact, in a BBC interview shortly after 9/11, Bin Laden condemns the attack. Why didn’t the lap dog press show us the interview? The confession video is a proven fake and the FBI doesn’t list Bin Laden as being wanted for 9/11, because there is no hard evidence’. Huh? Then why did we bomb and attack Afghanistan? Why didn’t anyone from the lap dog press question this murderous action based on no hard evidence’? Why didn’t any of the experts’ present their research’ into the terrorist training camps'(all empty) and the massive cave complexes’ with computers and an infrastructure (non-existant) that we mercilessly bombed?
Oh, and one more funny little thing about the 19 alleged hijackers; At least SEVEN are still alive! The government has acknowledged the descrepincies in their list and yet, they never update that information for, we the people, and the lap dog media never investigates and never exposes. Confused? I am. Whose side is the press on? Whose side is US intelligence on? Whose side are the leaders of the village of America on anyway? Lastly, I ask you my fellow villagers, are we the people’ going to continue to be herded by this farce?

P.S. Watch this 15 minute interview of Aaron Russo by Alex Jones. Listen to this patriot; a man fighting for his life against cancer, a man with nothing to gain from lying, as he exposes these elitist, criminal leaders’ who rule our lives, like feudal lords or cattle ranchers. Nicholas Rockefeller divulges, 11 months before 9/11, that a big event will happen and an endless war on terror will begin. ockefellergoal.htm Russo on Rockefeller and the designed war on terror tims/ua93.victims.html flight 93 passenger list ims/ua175.victims.html flight 175 passenger list ims/AA77.victims.html flight 77 passenger list ctims/AA11.victims.html fllight 11 passenger list htm where’s the evidence? Paul Craig Roberts lusive.htm 7/7 bombing olberman 5 years of false terror 06Qaeda.htm al qaeda doesn’t exist 06liquidbomb.htm liquid bomber plot crumbles fake bin laden tape 06_b_Foreknowledge.htm fbi foreknowledge of 1993 wtc bombing cbs news gov propaganda about the terror war es.htm front page fbi most wanted tm fbi 10 most wanted osama’s on therebut not for 9/11 -1980-gladio-terrorism-in.html operation gladio
The Power of Nightmares-Google Video 61047517&q=the+power+of+nightmares
Al Qaeda DOES NOT EXIST Documentary: oesnt_exist.htm ufacturedfront.htm Al Qaeda is a CIA front 6alqaedacrap.htm al quiada crap aim_debunked_year_ago.htm fake terror plot restated by the liar in chief state of the union northwoods 906_b_terror.htm liquid bomb plot untenable 40107terrortrivial.htm an actual terrorist action Madrid airport bombed by non-muslims did anybody catch the big press buzz on it? neither did I terror alerts B.S. liquid bombs can’t be done wArticle&code=CHO20060909&articleId=3194 osama on 9/11 error_Plot_Fiction_Underscoring_0918.html fake liquid bomber plot 906terrorists.htm likely deathsterrorism low
A Guardian/ICM poll 20% of British voters believe the government is telling the truth about the threat to bomb transatlantic airliners using liquid explosives – 80% in UK do not trust Blair and the war on terror agenda. ute.htm gov refuses to authenticate bin laden video fake terror plot liquidbomb.htm liquid explosives hoax 010207merrygoround.htm let’s see how this new one pans out

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