A farmer in Sweden was attacked as a “racist” for displaying piles of hay stacks in the color of the Swedish national flag, despite the fact that the photo was in support of a charity raising money for child cancer victims.

Per Johan Andersson and his wife Katrine created the striking image of the Swedish national flag made of hay stacks and posted it on Facebook in support of Sweden’s soccer World Cup team. The display was also intended to raise money for a childhood cancer charity.

Respondents to the image reacted by labeling the couple racist simply for displaying the colors of their own national flag.

“I knew that all the damn farmers were racists,” wrote one.

According to Sputnik, self-proclaimed “anti-racists” filled comments section with “hatred against the farmer and his wife.”

“It was sad being called racist,” Per Johan Andersson told the local newspaper Sundsvall Tidning, adding that he was just trying to show support for the national team and raise money for child cancer victims.

As we have exhaustively documented, Sweden is a complete basket case of a country in which political correctness has run amok.

Swedish citizens are routinely charged, fined and even jailed for making offensive comments about Islam which authorities deem to be “hate speech,” even if in some cases the claims are technically true.

As we reported in February, Sweden appointed a Pakistani Muslim migrant as the head of its national heritage board, with the individual admitting that he hasn’t “read anything about cultural heritage.”

44-year-old Qaisar Mahmood told a radio show that Sweden’s cultural traditions “hide hideous motives,” while expressing his intent to oppose Swedes who “want to protect the culture” and are resistant to change.

In line with soaring sexual assaults throughout the country, the largest Swedish music festival was just cancelled after wave of sex attacks. According to victims, most of the attacks were carried out by migrants.

Given this situation, it’s unsurprising that the Sweden Democrats, the Scandinavian country’s foremost anti-political correctness, anti-mass migration party, is currently leading in the polls ahead of the national election in September.


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