The mainstream media and its force-feeding of propaganda has taken a turn for the worse.

Despite Roku publicly stating that Infowars had not violated any of their terms of service, they banned Infowars after an unaffiliated group made a new app for Infowars on the platform and it began trending, sparking another mainstream media deplatforming campaign.

Within hours of the unsubstantiated announcement that Roku had recently granted Infowars a channel even after Infowars had been banned on numerous social media sites, a slew of media all followed suit.

If any of these “trusted” sources had checked, they would have quickly altered the narrative after learning Infowars had been on Roku for roughly seven years, not a few weeks as the mockingbird media was reporting with its grapevine journalism.

The media has also created a false narrative implicating Kentucky teenagers wearing MAGA hats in a bizarre depiction of events after a native American confronted them while they waited for their bus at the Lincoln Memorial.

Now, the families of these kids are being doxxed and threatened in online forums.

The real story here is the monumental racketeering and First Amendment violations perpetrated by these publications, and that is why we call it Fake News.

However, Fascist News is a far more accurate description.

Infowars version with live comments:

Brighteon Version:

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