Twitter has suspended campaigner Titania McGrath, author of Woke: A Guide To Social Justice.

Titania has issued a statement through her fellow SJW campaigner Jarvis Dupont.

Both Jarvis Dupont and Titania McGrath are, of course, parody accounts designed to send up the stupidity, petulance, hypocrisy, small-mindedness, and cry-bullying of SJWs everywhere. Their point is the modern, woke left is so earnest and stupid that it is quite incapable of understanding nuance, logic, or humour—and that the Wokerati therefore inhabit a kind of parallel universe divorced entirely from the norms and traditions of Western Civilisation.

So how entirely appropriate that the reason Titania should have been banned is that she/zir/they made a pretend-aggressive attack on yet another social media parodist, Lisa Graves!

Graves is the creator of Godfrey Elfwick—yet another Twitter parody character who was eventually killed off by Twitter because its censors didn’t get the joke.

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