Fashion and culture magazine Harper’s Bazaar has published an article calling upon its readers to divorce their spouses if they support President Donald Trump and to not waste any time trying to reconcile or overlook differences of political opinion.

In a piece titled, If You Are Married to a Trump Supporter, Divorce Them,” author Jennifer Wright asserts, “I’m going to save you three years of therapy where you and your partner try to ‘agree to disagree.’ If your partner is a Trump supporter and you are not, just divorce them.”

“Supporting Trump at this point does not indicate a difference of opinions. It indicates a difference of values.”

“You do not need to try to make it work with someone who thinks of people as ‘illegals.’ Just divorce them,” she continues. “Some people may not have the financial or practical means available to get a divorce, but if you do have those means? DIVORCE THEM.”

Wright believes that Trump has brought the world to the “very verge of the second dark ages,” citing reasons like the military’s return to a ban on transgenders (which was in place until June 2016), the phony and fruitless ‘Russian conspiracy theory,’ and the President’s handling of the North Korean nuclear crisis, which has thusly been a success.

While a devout feminist like Wright is inevitably triggered by tough talk from an alpha male like Trump, she seems to have no problem with the likes of Hillary Clinton, who played a major role in bringing very dark ages to the likes of Libya and Haiti, and also oversaw the sale of 20% of US uranium reserves to the Russians (the same folks who supposedly “hacked” the US election for Trump), which is likely contributing directly to the enhancement of Moscow’s nuclear weapons cache.

The day after Trump dominated Clinton in the US president election, Wright penned “A Thank You Letter to Hillary Clinton” in which she vowed to mount a “resistance” and called upon the failed, corrupt career politician to lead it.

“I will spend the rest of my life fighting against the attitudes that made your victory impossible,” she wrote. “And so will many others. And, Hillary, we will need you.”

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