A fast food worker called the police to report a state trooper he refused to serve at a Taco Bell/KFC restaurant in North Dakota, according to local media.

When the state trooper arrived at the Taco Bell/KFC in Devils Lake, the worker, who was allegedly arrested by the officer before, denied him service – and then called police to report the trooper for “harassment.”

“However, the employee said not to send any police officers to the restaurant because they would just harass them too,” reported WDAZ. “The manager eventually gave the trooper his food.”

Ironically, when local reporters called the Taco Bell/KFC to confirm the story, “the phone just rang.”

Highway patrol did state that the trooper had transferred from another region of the state, so it’s unlikely the worker expected to see him in his store.

But it’s also unlikely that the local police dispatch expected a 911 call reporting a state trooper for “harassment.”

And while the highway patrol said the particulars of this incident were “extremely rare,” in general there’s been a spate of incidents involving fast food workers denying service to police over the past several years.

Back in June, for example, workers at a Louisiana Burger King refused to serve uniformed officers, according to a sheriff’s department.

A Florida McDonald’s likewise refused service to a cop a few months prior.

And in 2015, a fast food worker was apparently fired from a Lewisville, Texas, Whataburger after refusing to serve police.

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