Kurt Nimmo
August 25, 2008

From bread and circuses to theater of the absurd. In this Faux News video from Denver, a "reporter" who would double for Clark Kent, attempts to interview "far left" protesters from the government provocateur operation, Recreate 68. Of course, for the corporate media, anybody against the occupation of Iraq and the possible invasion of Iran is with Recreate 68.

It’s a joke. The "far leftists" are mostly of high school age, they surround Clark Kent and he gets tussled a smidgen, they shout obscenities and refuse to play Faux’s game. "Fuck corporate media," declares an "anarchist" with a red bandanna over his face.

"Not all of them are Obama fans," Clark Kent says, "that’s perhaps the biggest surprise of all."

Right. Big surprise, Clark.

In other words, the supposed far leftists, organized by COINTELPRO operatives determined to antagonize the militarized police and get people beaten to a pulp, do not fit nicely in Faux’s little false right-left paradigm construct.

According to Clark, the marchers are against "free speech" because they refuse to talk to him, Rupert Murdoch, and the blond bimbo back in New York holding down a desk.

Faux’s coverage is not theater of the absurd, it is theater of the lame. In fact, it is a fine example of government orchestration and spin all around — from the government op Recreate 68, designed to make people who have legitimate grievances with the government look like "far left" radicals and bomb-throwers, to a seriously biased corporate media determined to hook the banker’s choice, Barack Obama, up with Ward Churchill.

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