Kip Hill
The Spokesman-Review
Sept. 18, 2013

Numbers crunched by a reporter for Atlantic magazine point to Spokane as a likely location for America’s next mass shooting, but an area FBI agent says the study is without merit.

Using data provided by left-leaning investigative magazine Mother Jones, the Atlantic’s Philip Bump profiles the likely culprit of the next episode in which at least four people will be shot and killed in a public place. According to Bump’s research, the next mass shooter will likely be a 38-year-old white man who is mentally disturbed. He will open fire in Feb. 12, 2014, killing seven people in Spokane with a gun purchased legally.

Frank Harrill, the FBI supervisory senior resident agent in Spokane, said the overly specific details in Bump’s analysis “takes it into the theater of the absurd.”

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