A former FBI agent who specialized in sting operations says ISIS is about to attack Chicago.

The FBI also specializes in cooking up fake terror plots in order to frame patsies.

Ross Rice, who now works as a terror expert for CBS Chicago, offered a Twitter post from earlier this month as evidence the terrorist group is about to strike the Windy City.

From CBS on Friday:

The ominous post on Twitter, purportedly from somebody connected with Islamic State, shows a photo of the Old Republic Building, 307 N. Michigan Ave., in Chicago and the White House.

The key word here being “purportedly.” There is zero evidence the photos were taken by a member of ISIS.

The Twitter message seems to imply that Islamic State operatives are in Chicago and other U.S. cities.

Rice said the photo was likely taken by an American male, in his 20s or 30s, who has been radicalized by extremists via the Internet, much like the Boston Marathon bombers.

Rice is speculating. There is no evidence the photos were taken by who he claims. The misleading comparison to the “Boston Marathon bombers” who so far have not been connected to the incident and probably never will be – the main suspect is, after all, dead – is little more than crude fear-mongering.

It coincides with the issuance of an FBI and Department of Homeland Security bulletin. “This bulletin follows a threat from the group, which now calls itself the Islamic State, in a video that showed the beheading of war correspondent James Foley,” The Boston Globe reports.

In fact, despite numerous claims to the contrary by the establishment media, the video does not show a beheading. The video appears to be a shoddy propaganda piece designed to stampede the public into supporting the bombing of Syria.

The Foley narrative pushed by the government and the corporate media is that the “[unverified] beheading of Foley was in retaliation for U.S. air attacks on ISIS fighters, according to a statement from the group. ISIS is holding at least one other American journalist, Steven Soltoff, and is threatening to kill him.”

Additionally, the government cites numerous “threats” issued on social media as evidence ISIS plans to attack the United States. Such “threats” are essentially worthless because anybody – including the FBI and the CIA (both with long histories of engaging in fake terror) – can post such messages on Twitter and Facebook.


From ABC News:

“ISIL members and supporters will almost certainly continue to use social media platforms to disseminate their English-language violent extremist messages,” the bulletin concluded. “Although we remind first responders that content not explicitly calling for violence may be constitutionally protected, we encourage awareness of media advocating violent extremist acts in particular locations or naming particular targets, to increase our ability to identify and disrupt potential Homeland threats. We urge state and local authorities to promptly report suspicious activities related to homeland plotting and individuals interested in traveling to overseas conflict zones, such as Syria or Iraq, to fight with foreign terrorist organizations.”

As previously noted, the FBI is the most prolific purveyor of “homeland plotting” and as such we should naturally first and foremost consider any terrorist activity or alleged activity as coming from the agency.

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