Local 12
May 8, 2008

Actor and comic Tommy Chong says he is linked to FBI raids Wednesday in Newport and Clermont County’s Union Township.

Chong tells Local 12 federal agents were after thousands of DVD copies of a documentary he recently made.

Tommy Chong, 30 years ago, appeared in the movie that made him famous, “Up In Smoke.”

But today, Tommy Chong is 69-years-old and selling a different movie, called “The United States of America Vs. Tommy Chong.”

The documentary details Chong’s 2003 federal prosecution and guilty plea for distributing drug paraphernalia. He was selling pot pipes online. Chong served nine months in prison.
Wednesday night, Chong told Local 12 he’s the focus of an FBI raid of two, local offices.

“They apparently confiscated 10,000 copies of the movie, “a/k/a Tommy Chong,” said Chong.

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