Homegrown radicalized individuals, rather than trained terrorism operatives, are perceived to be the main terrorist threats of 2018 by United States federal law enforcement agencies.

According to a report by Portland Press Herald, FBI Director Christopher Wray reportedly said the law enforcement agency considers homegrown violent extremists as the primary source of terrorist threats to the country. Wray also stated that these extremists could either be motivated by the Islamic State group (ISIS) or other radical groups, or they might be lone attackers who were not affiliated with any groups whatsoever.

Cultists, “sovereign citizens” who think they are not bound by governmental laws and are motivated by racial hatred, are also on the list of possible threats, but concern from them is lesser than the homegrown terrorists, according to the FBI.

Matthew Heiman, a former lawyer with National Security Division at the Department of Justice, also reportedly agreed with Wray’s stand on homegrown Islamist extremists being potential terrorist threats.

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